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Established in 1995, the National Association of Forensic CounselorsTM is the first certification board to develop standards and establish the specialty professions of Forensic Counselor and Criminal Justice Specialist, and the very first certification board to develop standards and establish certification for Human Trafficking Victims Services Providers.


Dr Jennie Dibartolomeo 2022 Keynote Presentation

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Beginning January 1, 2022, NAFC will reinstate its late and reinstatement fee policy.  You may find the fee schedule here.

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The NAFC 2022 Annual Conference will hold up to fifty (50) workshops in subject areas of, but not limited to:

As well as Certified Domestic Violence Counselor Certification Training (seating limited)






Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology

Likeness Used as Bait in Catfishing: How Can Hidden Victims of Catfishing Reel in Relief?

Tyler W. Hartney
University of Minnesota Law School

"Catfishing is “[t]he phenomenon of internet predators that fabricate online identities and entire social circles to trick people into emotional/romantic relationships (over a long period of time) ... With the increased use of social media, the opportunities for the creation and use of fake profiles have expanded. Reports have found that one in ten profiles on certain social media and matchmaking sites are fake ..."

Human Trafficking

Resources, Research, Articles, and Information on Human Trafficking and Support for Victims and Their Families, Social Workers, Counselors, and Legal Professionals.


Resources, Research, Articles, and Information on Cults, and Support/Help for Former/Current Cult Members and Their Families, Social Workers, Counselors, and Legal Professionals. 


Help us in promoting ICSA’s new book, Wounded Faith


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ISBN 978-0-931337-11-6
January 2022  |  $14.99
Available at Amazon.com

Contributing Authors

Harold Bussell, Ray Connolly, Neil Damgaard, Doug Duncan, Wendy Duncan, Ken Garrett, Maureen Griffo, Heidi I. Knapp, Patrick J. Knapp, Michael Langone, Judy Pardon, Diana Pletts, Eric K. Sweitzer

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About the Book

Wounded Faith (Amazon, January 2022) is a new collection of essays edited by the Reverend Dr. Neil Damgaard. It has two audiences in mind: recovering victims and the religious community at large. While it was written as an aid to help victims who are grappling with their faith, the book also seeks to clarify the meaning of spiritual abuse and instruct religious communities on how to effectively welcome victims of spiritual abuse. The book’s authors come from a background in Christianity and have each, in their own way, experienced spiritual abuse. Here they attempt to dispel commonly held misconceptions, to elucidate the circumstances in which spiritually abused individuals often find themselves, and to implore leaders in communities of faith to shine a light on this harmful, not uncommon offense. In addition, each chapter provides an encouraging and sympathetic voice that will be appreciated by readers who have also been victims of spiritual abuse. The end note is that faith, though perhaps wounded, is salvageable on the other side of abuse, with a little help from our (educated) friends.  

Advance Praise for Wounded Faith

“Far more in our country than most of us realize are victims of spiritual abuse and survivors struggling to regain their true selves. Wounded Faith: Understanding and Healing from Spiritual Abuse provides both theory and practical stories, mostly from those who have struggled with such loss of self but now help struggling survivors. You will find it true to solid therapeutic practice presented in everyday language. This book should be in every church library—and required to be read by all who aspire to spiritual leadership.” 

—Dean Borgman Charles E. Culpeper Professor of Youth Ministries at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary 

“As a Christian who has had little experience with spiritual abuse—spiritual lethargy might be the greater problem I have encountered, this book is an invaluable guide. It analyzes and interprets spiritual abuse in many different settings—cults, fringe churches, independent mega-churches, mainline churches—from sociological, psychological, theological, and pastoral perspectives. It it both theoretically and practically very helpful.” 

—Robert Benne, Ph.D. University of Chicago Divinity School, Jordan-Trexler Professor of Religion Emeritus, Roanoke College, and Professor of Christian Ethics, Institute of Lutheran Theology

“Saddened yet grateful—these were the prevailing emotions as I read this remarkable book. The balance between clinical and theological is effectively achieved. The need for such a volume is evident as I can attest from seeing many in my neurological practice over forty years who suffered from some measure of spiritual abuse. My thanks to the authors for this very illuminating and helpful volume.” 

—J. Gordon Burch, M.D. (ret.) FRCP(C), former faculty Duke University Medical Center (Neurology), Former Vice Chair of Neurology, Baylor College of Medicine

“This engaging book shines new light on spiritual abuse. It illuminates beyond the commonly-held stereotypes of ‘Moonies,’ Jim Joneses, and the like of years past. It compellingly describes how abusive leaders and/or organizations can so easily attract and control the unguarded and unsuspecting. Nuanced treatment of important ramifications of spiritual abuse is nicely delivered herein by scholars and therapists. What captivates me most, however, are the testimonies and recommendations of those who’d escaped abusive settings. Their healing and restoration eventually helped them lead rejuvenated lives and emphatically help others. It is terribly sad that a book like this seems more needed now than ever. But—thankfully and most importantly—it offers clear and well-reasoned hope. I warmly recommend it.”

—Samuel J. Williams, II, M.D. (ret.) FACS (Asbury College, Ohio State University School of Medicine),
former Associate Professor of Surgery, University of Virginia School of Medicine 



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The NAFC was the first to establish post graduate standards, guidelines, and professional responsibility to identify a competent workforce in the mental health, criminal justice, addictions and corrections professions in the very specialized areas of forensic counseling and criminal justice counseling and supervision.


NAFC has consistently been a leader in promoting safe and effective treatment and supervision of offenders in both civil and criminal cases, improving communication between the clinician and criminal justice system, and enhanced protection of the public. The NAFC Mission is to Promote Competency and Training among Persons Working with Criminal Offenders.

The Certification for the Forensic Counselor and Criminal Justice Specialist

The National Association of Forensic Counselors is the first and largest independent multi-disciplinary credentialing board representing the Forensic Counselor and Criminal Justice Specialist.

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